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DATECS Linea Pro success stories for quality control of SMD PCB assembling line.

Is Quality control in SMD PCB assembly necessary? Is this control really needed over the entire process, in real-time? Would a mobile solution be better for this purpose?

On these questions DATECS has already replied affirmative. Last month, in the SMD PCB assembly line, a mobile solution for quality control was implemented based on Linea Pro. The solution is web-based, both on the client-side application for the operators, and on the server-side, used for the management of resources and users, by the administrators.

The solution is based on the „read & check & write“ web application, which is visualized on the Apple iPod/iPhone device, by using a custom mini-web browser. The client-side functionality is delivered through the web application on the server.

The solution offering:

  • - identification of operators and administrators, by reading the 1D barcode labels printed on their personal access cards, utilizing LineaPro’s built-in laser barcode scanner.

  • - reading the SMD line feeders’ identification numbers by utilizing LineaPro’s built-in 2D barcode reader.

  • - reading SMD part numbers by using the internal 2D barcode reader of Linea Pro

  • - verifying that the assembly line is loaded with the correct SMD part numbers, on their corresponding positions on the SMD feeders, and notifying the operator for any mismatch errors.

  • - saving wirelessly the entire SMD PCB assembly line load data (e.g. date/time, operator, PCB, order number, SMD part numbers, feeders) on a web server, by using a router and Apple iPod/iPhone’s built-in Wi-Fi connection functionality.

  • - ability to chronologically analyze and track each SMD PCB assembly line load (e.g. by operators, order numbers, PCBs, etc.)

The solution’s server side architecture is built on a LAMP (Linux+Apache+Mysql+Php) platform and uses the HTML/CSS/AJAX user interface on the Apple iPod/iPhone Safari(WebToolkit) based web browser.
September 21, 2012