January 15 2013

Datecs Is Apple Authorized MFi Manufacturer

Datecs signed MFi Manufacturing License with Apple, giving us the right to manufacture MFi certified devices. According to the license, we are now able to buy the new Lighthning connector, used on the newer Apple devices. Besides our own LineaPro 4, Infinea Tab, and iSerial, we are allowed to manufacture 3rd party devices as well.

April 6 2012

LineaPro Featured in an Apple Commercial for Lowe's

In 2011 we delivered 65,000 payment terminals LineaPro to the American home-improvement stores, Lowes. Recently, the devices were featured in a commercial by Apple for Lowes. You can view it here.

May 11 2011

International Partners' Meeting 2011

From May 11th to May 14th, 2011 we organized a special event for our major international partners in order to officially introduce our new headquarter in Sofia. Representatives from 33 countries and 5 continents joined us for this happy occasion. Among the activities was a tour of the new office spaces and industrial equipment at Datecs, as well as a visit to the gorgeous Bulgarian seaside. The event was the perfect opportunity for our partners to exchange experience and ideas. We hope it will boost cooperation between all parties involved.


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