Datecs is a leading manufacturer, developer, and seller of POS solutions. Our mission is to change the future of POS by offering cutting-edge products, produced in total quality control by our expert team. With passion for technological innovation and customer satisfaction we have won the hearts of numerous customers around the world.

Our Story


Datecs Ltd marks its beginning in the early months of 1990 when a group of passionate researchers from the Institute of Applied Cybernetics at the Bulgarian Academy of Science got together. Initially, Datecs was developing Cyrillic support for MS Windows. It became so popular that in 1997 Microsoft acquired a license for its distribution.


In 1994 Datecs entered the ECR market by collaborating with Samsung. But not long after, in 1996 Datecs presented to the world its first ECR, the MP500. In just a few years, over 100,000 devices were sold in 11 countries, making it a symbol for fiscal devices in Central and Eastern Europe.


In our strive for perfection, in 2001 we introduced Total Quality Management System responded on ISO 9001:2000 and by the end of 2001 we fulfilled all requirements on the standard ISO 9001:2000 and passed successfully the certification. Ever since, TQM has been an integral role in the development and manufacturing of our products.


In 2009 we entered the mPOS market with our first payment device - LineaPro. Since then, our mPOS clients included leading corporations like Apple Inc., Lowes, Nordstrom, Macy's, and Verizon. Today we offer a large line of such products for any taste and need, complying with EMVCo standards. As for the future, we hope that our products will be able to shape the future of mPOS solutions.


Code of Ethics

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We strive for perfection not only in our products, but the support we offer. Our Support page will help you find documentation, software, and FAQs for our products.


We have been around for 34 years and counting. Check our About page if you are curious to know how we came to be the innovating company we are today.


If you are passionate about technology, if the idea of working with customers from all over the world excites you, if you want to be a part of our big family, find out more about Careers at Datecs.