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Printer Mechanism
Direct line thermal printer
Printing Speed
up to 12 lines per sec
Paper Width
58 mm ( 42 characters per line )
Paper Thickness
60 μm
Roll Diameter
60 mm
Paper Loading
Easy paper loading
Operator Display
Alpha-numeric LCD, 2 lines x 16 characters
Customer Display
Alpha-numeric LCD, 2 lines x 16 characters
30 Keys
PLU database
Capacity 1000 PLUs
Inventory groups
30 Operators names & passwords
TAX groups
1 x RS-232C port for:
- PC
- Electronic Scale
Power supply
Input: AC 110/240V 50-60 Hz
Output: DC 12V 2500mA
Rechargeable Li-ION battery 7.4V 2000 mAh (option)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
160 x 222 x 63 mm (without customer display)
700 g
Currently there are no accessories for this device.

Electronic cash register MP-55B is an entry level model. It is designed to be used in small shops and is very popular for its elegant design, battery operation and small size. Customers love it as it takes very small space on the desk and allows them to use the most attractive space for displaying fast selling goods.



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