September 17 2021

20 years Datecs Polska

Congratulations on the 20-th anniversary of Datecs Polska. We are very happy to have you as an important member of Datecs family. You have done a great job during these 20 years and have positioned Datecs brand as one of the leading fiscal devices brand in Poland.

Thank you very much! And Cheers!

March 31 2021

Chess Tournament 2021

What is a good way to bring your team closer together, while social distancing in the middle of a global pandemic? We figured a little friendly competitive gameplay would do the trick, so we organized a chess tournament for all Datecs employees. Online streaming ensured support for the contenders and made the tournament into a spectacular success. We proudly present the winners of the Datecs Chess Tournament 2021!

January 29 2020

Caps for Future

Caps for Future Our collection boxes have arrived! We can now collect and recycle plastic caps together. Over 600 employees from our offices and restaurants can now add their collected caps at the office, so we can transport them on the appointed date. “Caps for future” is a charitable campaign for recycling plastic caps. The earnings are spent on neonatal incubators and equipment for smaller hospitals throughout the country.

November 22 2019

iZettle's Ocean Reader

We congratulate iZettle's effort to address a major environmental issue affecting our planet and our lives. We are very grateful to be a tiny part of it. Learn more about the first card reader made with over 75% recycled plastic here:

November 21 2019

2019 Asia-Pacific Community Meeting

Datecs in collaboration with our dear partner SoftSpace showcased our SCRP certified reader and SoftSpace's FLite SPoC solution at this year's PCI Asia-Pacific Community Meeting. As part of the first ever approved SPoC solution, we hope to inspire acquirers and merchants worldwide for the innovative ways to accept card payments.


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