August 7 2019

First SPoC in the World

We did it again! Datecs and Soft Space are behind the first PCI approved SPoC solution in the world. The solution uses Datecs' BlueLite SCRP reader and Soft Space's mobile application to allow merchants to accept PIN entry on their off-the shelf mobile devices. The beauty of this solution is that it can greatly cut the cost of accepting card payments for small and medium merchants. We are very proud of the amazing cooperation with Soft Space, and we can't wait to offer the solution around the world.

July 9 2019

Sanei celebrates 50th anniversary

Happy 50th anniversary to our very dear Japanese partner, Sanei Electric Inc. We wish you another 50 years of innovation, excellence and prosperity! Cheers from Datecs!

June 11 2019

Datecs is the best IT company for 2018

Datecs Ltd has yet again dominated the annual ICT Media awards for the best IT companies in Bulgaria. This year, except for the now traditional award for the “Best Hardware" company, our CEO brought home and the most prestigious award in the show - Best IT Company for 2018. Big gratitude to all our friends who have made this possible!

May 21 2019

Bcard Transaction

We just completed the first transaction using the new Bulgarian payment card - Bcard by BORICA. The transaction was made possible via our new DatecsPay service. It is our pleasure and pride that this was realized with a terminal device, developed and manufactured in Bulgaria. Learn more at

March 22 2019

Launching the DatecsPay service

We are very proud to announce the start of the DatecsPay service in Bulgaria. It is designed to equip and enable card payments for your business. To learn more, visit


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