September 25 2018

BlueLite is the First Certified SCRP

Last Friday, our new device, BlueLite, became the first officially PCI certified SCRP in the world. You read that correctly - in the world! This means that the BlueLite is the first reader officially recognized for use in PIN on CTOS device solutions. In layman terms, the BlueLite can be used in innovative applications where the PIN is entered on a merchant's mobile phone or tablet, thus decreasing the cost of accepting card payments for the merchant and respectively, increasing card acceptance opportunities. It feels good to be first!

September 18 2018

Datecs' Campus is Growing

We are excited to tell you that quite soon our campus in Sofia will be enriched with a new building. At a special ceremony today we performed celebratory rituals and started the construction of our future factory. With this extension we hope to create new work places as well as produce higher quality goods for our dear customers. Thank you for you support!

September 17 2018

GK Port's Seminar in Varna

Last week, our great partner in Kazakhstan, GK Port Ltd, hosted a seminar in the lovely Bulgarian seaside city of Varna. The seminar was attended by 76 people from 39 partner companies, all partners of GK Port Ltd., coming from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan. At the seminar they discussed the future of fiscal devices as well as new POS technologies. As part of the seminar, the group also visited our main headquarter in Sofia, where they got to see first-hand how we produce, develop, test, and sell our products. We thank them for their business!

July 10 2018

Top Hardware Company for 2017

Once again Datecs Ltd. has been recognized as the leading company in the “Hardware” category by the ICT Top 100. Receiving this distinction has been a great honor. Our cause for celebration is even greater after we were ranked in “Highest Revenue” where we climbed up to the second position. Hard work pays off and we are determined to find if doubling our efforts could double our award statuettes in the ceremonies to come.

April 11 2018

Success in Malaysia

Our latest device jointly developed with our great partner Fasspay, the BP-55, is doing well in the market. Recently, they have equipped a fast food delivery chain, the Pizza Company Thailand, with the payment devices. We hope this is only the beginning, and the device will be one of the most popular terminals in the region. Cheers to Fasspay for their continuous efforts.


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